About me

Thank you for visiting. Let me share with you who I am and what I do.


Academic activity

A postdoctoral research fellow & principal investigator sponsored by a Marie-Curie mobility action called Polonez. I moved from the University of Cambridge in UK to do exiciting research in Poland. Read more


Industrial activity

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of a start-up company Cnergytec Ltd. The focus is in exploiting the the excellent properties of carbon nanostructures in energy-related and other technologies. Read more


Pro bono

Serves as a Vice-President of the International Society of Nanoscience to promote sharing of knowledge and technical expertise in the field of nanotechnology with the R&D community and the society. Read more


R&D interests

My area of expertise is in the field of nanotechnology with a particular focus on the electrical, thermal and optical properties of nanocarbon materials such as carbon nanotubes or graphene.



I have obtained a doctorate in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge, UK. I also hold degrees in Chemistry (BSc) and Chemical Engineering (MSc).


Curriculum Vitae

If you are interested, here you can find my resume with a comprehensive list of achievements as well as work and education experience.

Recipient of prestigious awards:
Prize to 1 of the 100 most talented young scientists from all over Poland
Stipend for excellence in science from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Key projects

The main research activities, in which I have participated.

* Success of the Thawing project (please see the video below).


The results of work I had a pleasure to drive or contribute to.


Strong partnerships with academics and industry stimulate the research and development I carry out.

Electric Carbon Nanomaterials group

University of Cambridge, UK

Directed by Dr Krzysztof K. Koziol, the group focuses on the manufacture of new generation of electrical conductors based on nanocarbon materials to replace the traditional materials.

NanoCarbon group

Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Dr Slawomir Boncel and co-workers tailor the chemical structure of carbon nanomaterials to create new materials with applications ranging from cancer therapy to electromagnetic cloaking.

Advanced Composites and Intelligent Structures

University of Bristol, UK

The research at the Department of Aerospace Engineering is directed towards manufacture of composites with improved structural, electrical and thermal properties for planes, helicopters, spacecrafts and satellites.

Carbon-Based Nanoengineering Materials

National University of Singapore, Singapore

The group works on the synthesis of carbon nanomaterials and development of their applications for aerospace structures and energy devices.

Materials Science and Engineering

Aalto University, Finland

The team is focused on management of metals on various fronts of R&D ranging from recovery of metal pollutants by electrowinning to electrodeposition of metal particles onto nanomaterials to create high performance composites.

FGV Cambridge Nanosystems

Cambridge, UK

One of the leading players in the production of graphene on a large scale (tonnes per annum) using waste materials such as biogas.

Molecular Information Chemistry group

Kyushu University, Japan

The team is focused on functionalization of carbon nanostructures and characterization of their optical properties.

The Optics of Hybrid Nanostructures group

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

The group led by Professor Sebastian Mackowski studies how a wide range of materials interact with light.

Contact me

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss about the work and opportunities for collaboration.


Silesian University of Technology
Krzywoustego 4
44-100 Gliwice


+48 517178730